Year: 2011
Location: jordan
Type: commercial
Status: built
when we were first briefed about "scenario", it would have been easy to wander into fancy land and come up with a design that would have been ego-boosting for us, i would suppose any designer would do so; we have instead opted for a design solution that requires a much narrower guideline in terms of what people would expect from such a new market introduction. Jordan, and more specifically Amman, seemed to us, through our discovery journey of what was already taking place in terms of culinary experience, a place about people. And when we talk about people we have to talk about emotions. We believe that emotions can be triggered by a number of things and can be either unleashed instantly to create the "Moment" or they can be the result of a build-up. The latter was our choice, Our experience has taught us that building emotions slowly can leave a better impression on people throughout time than a sudden explosion of it. That is what we have tried to achieve with "Scenario".
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