Year: 2011
Location: KSA
Type: institutional
Status: concept design
The New Riyadh area is undergoing a major restructuring move, which includes the implementation of hospitals, schools, governemental buldings and residential blocks. The plot's location, running a bit furhter off the highway, makes it a landmark project, but since no architectural references were to be find, the use of the circle in tne master plan was an obvious choice, due to it's strong symbolic meanings in terms of learning and footmarks. The total BUA of 30,000 SqM plots (4) needed to be connected in order to facilitate school traffic, students pick-up and parking access. The small slope that runs throughtt he plots made it easy to access the underground areas, and the circular connection in the center facilitated the pick-up areas, as well as access to different parts of the program. A 20,000 SqM landscaping and outdoor facilities blend in with the built.
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