PLOT 1134 / ADMA
Year: 2006
Location: Lebanon
Type: residential
Status: concept design
Plot 1134 is situated in a very selective area on the hills of Adma. With a breathtaking view to the sea and well seen from the highway, the plot is about 1743 sqm, and has a ground floor occupation ratio of 20%. Surrounded by villas built in the 70's and a couple of 5 storey buildings above, the plot will have it's own access road drawn from the north side as well as a secondary access road from the south. The lowest road that bounds the South side of the plot is 12m below the North access.The plot naturally stretches to the East and to the West, so the plan naturally follows this direction. A central strip stretches through out the plot and creates a guideline to the rest. To this central strip are linked functional blocks. Horizontality became evident as to the look of the main volume and all the elements are welded together with a wooden belt, of a vernacular nature contrasting with the concrete structures surrouning the plot.
  •   PLOT 1134 / ADMA
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