Year: 2011
Location: Lebanon
Type: commercial
Status: on hold
Plot 655 is situated along the limit of the development of the old city of Beirut during the 1968 expansion. This unique situation was an opportunity to study the different typologies that run along the Gouraud axis. The plot is unique also because of the two streets that bound it and has no direct connection to its near built environment. The typology study showed a break in the chain of construction at that point which led us to re-create that missing link. The plot is 165 SqM and the built up area is 600 SqM. Due to the narrow nature of the plot, a car elevator was designed to accomodate parking access. The main idea generated was to revisit the different typologies used before and after that critical point but yet to emphasise the ending of the development that this plot represented after the 1968 period.
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